Preparing for the future means acting today

We bear responsibility as a medium-sized, family owned company, also towards the environment. That is why we have ben focusing on environmentally friendly production methods and measures for many years.

Our participation in the eco-profit program, and our membership in the Environmental Partnership Hamburg demonstrate that we take the issue of sustainability seriously. You can read about Eco profit here in an interview with Simon Pless.

The range of our activities is as diverse as the options arising out of it for ourselves and our environment. Starting with reusable packaging materials, and extending to the use of renewable energies. There is already an environmentally friendly alternative to many offers, and there will be more and more in the future.

[Hamburg Ökoprofit Enterprise Award]
[CO2 Avoidance Certificate]
[Green Gas Certificate]
[Environmental Partnership Hamburg Certificate]

Greenline - environmentally friendly print products

Our printing and production methods are not harmful to humans or nature, Because the prints are completely odourless thanks to water-soluble inks, and are thus very suitable for indoor use.
Latex printing proves that "green print" can also meet the high demand for high-quality. Durable, high-quality print images with bright colors make versatile applications possible.
The UV resistant textile prints manufactured in thermally modified sublimation printing are Eco-Tex 100 certified and safe for humans and the environment. This method is suitable for all polyester fabrics - including Evolon, the eco-friendly banner. Evolon is PVC-free, and should be disposed of with household waste. The soft material is significantly lighter; it is, however, very sturdy and wrinkle-free.

If you would like to know more, our customer advisors will be happy to inform you in detail about our environmentally safe product alternatives.