Data transfer

Secure data transfer

Most of our customers use WeTransfer. Simple, fast and cost-effective. Of course you can attach small files to an email.


The Filehoster WeTransfer offers the possibility to upload and share large files for a limited time. Without registration and free you can send us so up to 2 GB files.

Sensitive data should be compressed in advance in a ZIP archive and provided with a password. The password can be sent to us in a separate email.


Since the size of mailboxes is limited, e-mails should only be used for sending small files of up to about 10 MB. Please make sure that your e-mail has been received. E-mails do not always take the most direct route and can - albeit rarely - get lost.
Please use the e-mail of your customer advisor, or [info[at]]

Technical support

General technical data sheet

Helpful tips and hints for creating your prints.

[General data sheet]

Important when using the job options

IsoCoatedV2 and ECI-RGB are expected when distilling a *.ps file. The output intent of the PDF is ISOcoated_v2. Please copy the two ICC profiles into the ColorSync folder on your PC, e.g. on Mac OS X:
Macintosh HD/System/Libary/ColorSync/Profiles

Profile and PDF settings

You can create PDFs optimized for printing with the correct RGB and CMYK color spaces and PDF settings:

[IsoCoated V2 Profil]

[ECI RGB V1 Profil]

[Erler+Pless Joboption]