Data transfer

Secure data transfer

Most of our customers use FTP. Simple, fast and cost-effective. Of course there are other ways to send data.

FTP via web (upado)

You can send up to 400 MB with any internet connection worldwide. Your customer advisor will be notified automatically. One file can be transferred each time. Click here for registration:

Media such as CD, DVD or USB drive

This type of data transfer has the largest international compatibility, and is recommended especially for transferring very large amounts of data. However, you still need to bear the cost of shipping by courier or mail. Please send your data to:
Holstenhofweg 43
22043 Hamburg


Since the size of mailboxes is limited, e-mails should only be used for sending small files of up to about 10 MB. Please make sure that your e-mail has been received. E-mails do not always take the most direct route and can - albeit rarely - get lost.
Please use the e-mail of your customer advisor, or [info[at]]

Technical support

General technical data sheet

Helpful tips and hints for creating your prints.

[General data sheet]

Profile and PDF settings

You can create PDFs optimized for printing with the correct RGB and CMYK color spaces and PDF settings:

[IsoCoated V2 Profil]

[ECI RGB V1 Profil]

[Erler+Pless Joboption]

Important when using the job options

IsoCoatedV2 and ECI-RGB are expected when distilling a *.ps file. The output intent of the PDF is ISOcoated_v2. Please copy the two ICC profiles into the ColorSync folder on your PC, e.g. on Mac OS X:
Macintosh HD/System/Libary/ColorSync/Profiles