We tailor the digital
textile printing to your wishes and requirements

Assembly ideas

For applications of digital fabric printing, the processing of fabric is multi-faceted. It is best to clarify which option is best for your needs in a conversation with an Erler+Pless customer advisor - because sometimes the art of processing lies in a clever variation, or an unusual combination.

Hot cut

In the hot cutting, the material is cut with a hot blade, while the fabric is welded to the cut edge, preventing fraying.

Ring eyelets

One possibility is strengthening the hems, and placing ring eyelets. This can be done circumferentially, or only at the upper or lower edge.

Fleece and Velcro

A mostly circular fleece band, in conjunction with a Velcro, offers the option to tension the fabric advertising medium with Velcro.

Clamping rails

Made of aluminium or plastic, clamping rails adjust to each design thanks to their simplicity. They are attached to the upper and lower edges, and are available in various designs and colours. Narrow rails are suitable for banners up to a width of about 120 cm, which are also available in transparent. For wider banners, there are more stable rails, to ensure that the banners hang straight.

Rubber piping fabric clamping frame - matrix frame

Extremely flat frame system made of aluminium to support textile posters with rubber piping, which disappears in a groove. This creates the impression of a frameless textile poster. Super easy handling. Image change is simple, as the frame remains on the wall. Can also be used as a light box.