Shapes that
frame your advertising message.

Standard shapes

Standard shapes are generally square light boxes. In addition to various frame mechanisms, Erler+Pless also makes various versions available for this standard form, which convince due to their unique design and an extended viewing angle, and thus ensure a customised appearance.

Mounting frame depth:6,2 cm 8,8 cm 15 cm 22 cm
Folding frame depth:3,9 cm 8,8 cm 11 cm 15 cm
square with rounded corners
Frame design:Mounting frame
Depth:8,8 cm 15 cm
square curved
Frame design:Mounting frame
Depth:8,8 cm 15 cm
with four rounded or convexed corners
Frame design:Mounting frame flat/half round/wide
Depth square:8,8 cm 15 cm
Depth curved:8 – 30 cm
triangular, half round, round, oval
Frame design:Flat mounting frame
Depth:8,8 cm 15 cm
Characteristics:the formats must be individually matched each time. The light boxes can also be double-sided.

double-sided light boxes

There are many applications at the POS or at trade shows, where advertising illuminated on both sides is an eye-catching solution. For two-sided, square light boxes, the Erler+Pless program offers a choice of two depths. The illumination is done via centrally mounted fluorescent tubes, whereby special prism reflector panels ensure uniform illumination. Biconvex light boxes are also available. They do not only provide good advertising space, but are also very attractive decorative elements in modern shopfitting, or current exhibition concepts.

Special shapes

These light boxes are manufactured individually according to your specifications, so that you are not limited to the four shapes. There are no limits to your creativity. However, in case of special types, it is important that you enclose a dimensioned sketch, so that we can provide you with a precise quotation.

Poster and image frames made of aluminium

Posters and photos, framed elegantly and timelessly in various folding and mounting frames made of aluminium. A motif change can be implemented in a few seconds.

Illuminated columns

Whether lit or unlit, they are an elegant presentation surface, outstanding in their effect and application. Illuminated pillars for indoor use with aluminium folding frames on both sides. For fast and simple design change.

Ordering information

For the design and production of your backlit posters, please observe the detailed format instructions with respect to the visible size, the slide/panel dimensions, and the outer dimension of the various light box versions.