From illumination to CE marking.

More than the sum of its parts

Illumination and reflector panels

The best material and manufacturing quality of a light box is meaningless if the lighting - and thus the impact of your advertising motifs - is not optimally tuned. Therefore, Erler+Pless usually dispenses with inexpensive ring fluorescent tubes. Instead, several fluorescent tubes are optimally arranged, according to the size of the light box.

Although each individual format of a light box can be produced, certain formats represent the optimum lighting format. Please ask for our object calculation and talk to us, because sometimes a format change of few centimetres can result in much better quality.

To support optimal illumination, no simple aluminium rear panels are used in most types of Erler+Pless light boxes, but specially crafted reflector panels. The individually developed “aluminium checker plates” offer maximum light reflection, and ensure a homogeneous illumination of your advertising motifs. For flat light boxes, a special prism technique is used additionally, so that an optimal result is achieved despite laterally arranged light sources.


Each light box has two washers, between which the backlit poster is inserted. The outer washer is basically an anti-reflection pane made of specially sanded Plexiglas, which is used to prevent reflections in Erler+Pless light boxes. Since backlit posters are usually produced from opal material, the second washer is made of clear Plexiglas. If your motifs are made from a clear slide material, second washer made of opal, that is milky Plexiglas, is delivered if desired. It is thus ruled out that the contours of the fluorescent tubes become potentially visible.

Power supply

All light boxes can be put into operation immediately, which means they are delivered with cable and plug for 230V. The standard delivery includes the white cable with a length of 290 cm. Special lengths or a connection for 110V are available at extra charge. The cable outlet is provided in the rear wall of the light box, but can also be placed according to your specifications. All components used bear the GS and CE mark.