Assembly options

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according to your requirements

On the correct position

flat on the wall

For this default installation, all light boxes are equipped with four factory-installed, pre-drilled holes in the back panel. For mounting only the washers must be removed, so that assembly can be performed easily.

on the wall as a V-shaped sign

A stable suspension is provided on the light box for mounting on building facades as V-shaped signs, i.e. in shop displays and door areas. Please indicate in your order whether the V-shaped sign should be produced horizontally or vertically.

recessed in the wall

All light boxes can be installed in a recessed position. If a light box is provided with a folding frame, however, the folding mechanism must protrude from the wall in order to ensure its operability. We recommend light boxes with wider socket strip for elegant covering of the wall opening.

integrated into trade fair and tubular stand systems

Square light boxes with the depths of 8.8 and 15 cm are available with a circumferentially attached Euro groove. This groove is compatible with all standard trade fairs and standpipe systems. Optional accessories: Standpipes and washer feet or rollers in individual dimensions.

suspended from the ceiling

Wherever a wall mounting is not possible, or in offices, in shop windows, or at fairs, where a targeted placement on specific product carriers is desired, the light boxes can be hung from the ceiling. For this purpose, hooks can be fitted as a suspension in the light box (please note this type of installation when ordering). The power supply should also be considered; which means that it may be necessary to order the power cord with plug in extra length.
Optional accessories: 150 cm chain set with eyelets