• Light boxes

Advertising highlights

Illuminated advertising not only draws attention, but can also increase sales at the POS. Proven. We therefore offer a wide range of different light box systems for indoor and outdoor use. Flat or curved, hung, standing or sunk in the wall, square or as a light pillar, or perhaps a special solution?

All light boxes are supplied complete with cables and plugs, and are immediately usable. We will also produce your backlit posters,and we can also assemble your boxes on site if required.

To make the most of your motifs, we use LED light boxes in various forms, for best light output at low energy costs.

Our customer advisors will help you to find the ideal solutions.


Light boxes are particularly suitable for:

  • POS
  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Museums
  • Interior design in offices
  • Shopfitting
  • Hotels

Light boxes brochure

32 pages full of information about light boxes to browse and download. Be inspired by the many examples. 

[Light boxes brochure for online browsing]

[Download light boxes brochure]