Do you need a motif change
with the correct frame?
It’s a piece of cake.

Socket strip & folding frame

If the slide motif should be changed only very rarely, or at longer intervals, the socket strip should be implemented as a frame mechanism. In the most common version, the so-called socket strip is used for the frame mechanism of light boxes. After the Plexiglas plates and the slide have been inserted, mitred cover profiles are inserted for fixing, following the principle of tongue and groove. Various mechanisms are available according to the figures below.

Folding frames with magnetic lock are particularly useful for frequent slide change. The folding mechanism can be provided one-sided or double-sided on the left, top, or right. For recessed wall mounting, note that the holder cannot be mounted flush, as the mechanism must project from the wall.

Standard shapes

Light boxes, frameless for rubber piping
Frame design:Mounting frame
Depth:8,8 cm 15 cm
Flat socket strip
Shapes:Triangular and square, half round, round and oval
Depth 6,2 cm 8,8 cm 15 cm
Wide socket strip as a cover for recessed installation
Shapes:Triangular and square
Depth:6,2 cm 8,8 cm 15 cm
half round socket strip
Shapes:Triangular and square
Shapes:6,2 cm 8,8 cm 15 cm
Socket strip for Euro groove boxes
Frame design:Square
Depth:8,8 cm 15 cm single- and double-sided
Flat folding frames
Depth:3,9 cm 8,8 cm 11 cm 15 cm
Characteristics:The folding mechanism is available one-sided or double-sided on the left, top, or right.

Rubber piping fabric clamping frame - matrix frame

Flat light box made of aluminium to support a textile poster with rubber piping, which disappears in a groove. This creates the impression of a frameless textile slide, without the disturbing cover profile. Super-easy handling and simple image change, even for inexperienced users, since the light box remains on the wall, and there are no Plexiglas washers which would need to be uninstalled. For our rubber piping light boxes, we produce tailored, specially printed stretch slides with a rubber insert

Ordering information

For the design and production of your backlit posters, please observe the detailed format instructions with respect to the visible size, the slide/panel dimensions, and the outer dimension of the various light box versions.