• Large photos &
    large slides

Photos are presented in a most striking way

Bright colours, sharp fonts, smooth gradations - large photos and slides in best image quality for any application. Our large format photos set standards. Instead of grids, strips and pixels, they shine thanks to the Lambda photo laser, with perfect halftones and depths of a true colour photo. 16 million colours provide not only lifelike results, but also first-class image quality, and that long-term. Therefore, large photos and large slides are ideal for special requirements. They are used mainly in arts, cosmetics, fashion, and the automotive industry; everywhere where particular brilliance is required. Your motifs can be printed on matt or glossy paper; also on metallic paper for special effects.


Large photos and large slides are particularly suitable for:

  • Art
  • Backlit posters
  • Large photos
  • Large-format slides
  • Event decorations
  • Display window decorations
  • Promotions
  • Display fitting
  • Illuminated advertising
  • Restaurant decoration
  • Airport advertising
  • Advertising in ICE
  • Petrol stations and cinema advertising
  • POS posters / banners

Facts & Info

Lambda photo laser

  • Digital laser exposures of data via Durst Lambda 130, 400dpi resolution, real halftones
  • Large photos on glossy and matt photo paper, or on metallic paper for special effects
  • Large slides in opal and transparent
  • Particularly suitable when large images in photo quality are required
  • Up to 125 cm width in one piece; bigger in strips. The length can be chosen at will, since we use rollers to print.