Inkjet prints that shine in a unique light.


For backlighting of high-quality, 170? m thick polyester film to be printed from the front. The film impresses with brilliant print image. Optimum colour density and image depth ensure good print image, also without backlighting. You get bright colours, and a homogeneous colour application. The material features good UV stability, durability, and water and wipe resistance. Up to 150 cm width in one piece; bigger in strips. The length can be chosen at will, since we use rollers to print.

Banner vinyl "backlit"

Material and processing of the banner vinyl “backlit” are similar to those of the banner vinyl “frontlit”. Particularly suitable for backlighting in light boxes without Plexiglas plates, i.e. for all forms of tensioning devices. Good incident light effect, even on not illuminated light boxes.

You can find more information about our light boxes here.