• Further processing

The best part comes last

The professional finishing is the icing on the cake for your motives. We process, laminate, and assemble according to your requirements. Individual special requests are not a problem, since we undertake the professional processing always on-site.

We laminate on boards, or on supplied substrates, cut into shapes, or process flexible materials. Cutting edges, sewing piping or hollow seams, welding, punching eyelets, sewing Velcro band on, punching and tightening rubber bands, adding zippers, adding back panels, or producing flags and sails- the possibilities are many and varied.

We are happy to take over also the assembly, to install large formats or systems, to swap motifs in your branches, or to place wallpapersin your shops. Timely and reliably.

Our customer advisors will gladly provide you with more information.