• Contour milling &
    contour cut

Individual requirements? Purely a matter of form.

Round, square or complex contours - we mill and cut your motifs as you need them.

The Zünd G3 Digital Cutter can cut almost any material up to a thickness of 26 mm: from paper to Plexiglas, and from textiles to wood. Complicated shapes or a material sandwich are not a problem. Our contour milling machine impresses not only with its speed at contour cutting, but also with its precision.


Cutting tool and contour milling machine can currently process the following materials:


PVC banners, rubberized fabrics, elastane
Example: Beach flags

Technical textiles

Uni- and bi-directional carbon fibre, Kevlar, carbon, composite materials, dry weave
Example: Applications in aircraft construction


Textile banners, cloth banners, net vinyl, mesh materials
Example: Building wraps

Balloon silk

Coated and rubber fibres, synthetic, raincoat fabric
Example: Airdancers

Rigid foam

Gatorfoam, Forex, Foam-X PU, PVC, polystyrene plates, foam board, PUR, Simona
Example: 3D displays


Plexiglas, macrolon, polycarbonate, plastic plates, thermoplastics
Example: Acrylic furniture

Composite material

Dibond, composite plates, Alucore, Alucobond, HyLite, Reynobond, Corapan, Right Bond
Example: Advertising and notice boards


MDF boards, pressboard boards, plywood, fibre boards, veneer, wood-based materials

Magnetic foil

Example: Film magnets


Thick plastic films, PE, PET films
Example: Packaging


Plasterboard, photo paper, Kroma cardboard, poster board, wooden board, cardboard, reflective cardboard, studio box
Example: Packaging

Twin-wall sheets

Plasticized honeycomb material, Coreplast, Akyprint
Example: Hollow chamber box

Decorative films

Adhesive films, translucent films, keypad membranes
Example: Round signboards past over

Masking film

Masking films, airbrush foils, plot foils, sandblast foils, masking films
Example: Sandblast foils

Reflective foils

Signboard films, emergency vehicle foils, warning films
Example: Traffic signs

Perforated film

See-through films
Example: Car labels

Facts & Info

Universal cutting tool

Allows cutting of intricate details up to a thickness of 3mm.
Example materials: Magnets, magnetic foil, cardboard, hollow panels

1kW milling machine

Mills contours of rigid and hard materials up to a thickness of 26 mm.
Example materials: Wood, acrylic, rigid foam, composite material

Kiss cut cutting tool

Allow kiss cutting, cutting of sheets without cutting the carrier material through.
Example materials: Vehicle labelling, decorative film, masking film, reflective foil

Rotary cutting tool

Cuts fibrous and air-permeable materials, as well as technical textiles and composite materials.
Example materials: Beach flags, mesh, technical textiles, balloon silk