To undertake is
to make
things happen!

If you wish to show the way, you need courage above all. Courage for new investments. Courage to break new ground. Courage to see the bigger picture. Our courage has been rewarded in the past decades with healthy growth, skilled employees, and satisfied customers.
As an international Hanseatic family business, we have never lost sight of our most important assets: our customers and their orders. Because we see ourselves as a reliable service provider, which is passionately committed to honest, open dealings with each other. Our commitment to quality is high, and reaches far beyond established standards. Because we wish to be even better in the future, we continuously invest in modern technology, and in clever minds. Training is therefore very important to us.
Our customers appreciate that. They come from many different industries: international companies, such as online shops, fashion and beauty, as well as advertising agencies, start-ups, company founders, galleries, retail, and many more.

We are happy to provide you with references.

Six good reasons to choose Erler+Pless

Our recipe for success is simple: to keep our customers satisfied and successful. It sounds simple, but it is well-founded.

Expert advice

There is no perfect solution without a good advice. Today more than ever. Because, in the diversity of production options, it is imperative to find the tailor-made solution for the customer.

Quality is at home with us

The photographic specialist work is always an example for us. Do you find that we set the bar pretty high? That's right. But we still try to live up to this claim on all production stages, because we know just how good photographic specialist work should be.

A reliable partner

As innovative as we are, we rely on conservative values in our business. You can rely on our word.

Full service from A to Z

We mean that literally. We look after our customers. We plan, think, and decide always with their interests in mind. from the first consultation through to the installation.

Always one step ahead with innovations

Our penchant for new technology means for you, that you can utilise a full range of possibilities. Not only in printing, but also in optimised production processes, and professional further processing.

Just in time

If we agree to deadlines, then we also keep them. Without excuses, without ifs and buts.

Find out more about Erler+Pless

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Simon Pless, owner

Simon Pless has been managing the family business since 1989 in the second generation. The advertising specialist brought his expertise in strategy and product development from his agency career. He proves that he approaches every challenge with special endurance also in his private life, when he cycles in Brevet - the long-distance cycling tour over many hundreds of kilometres.

A two-man company makes history

Our journey begins in 1964 in a Hamburg backyard. The photography master Horst P. Erler and his friend Lorenz Pless complemented each other perfectly. Through hard work, the small photo lab quickly made a name in the Hamburg agency and art scene. 11 years later, Lorenz’ brother Ludwig joined the company. Investment in cutting-edge technologies, employee training, and perfect customer service soon started to pay off. The company grew, and with it the line of products. Erler+Pless became a full service provider.

When Horst P. Erler retired in 1988, the brothers Pless took the company over, and brought Ludwig’s sons - Lewis and Simon - into the company. The generational change got us started in the digital world a bit later. A new chapter took its course. New ideas required new technology and new departments. Erler+Pless became a media service provider, which offered everything from a single source, all the way to production.